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Lublin: Michael Capponi Was Awarded The Jan Karski Mission Medal

Michael Capponi, the founder and president of the American organization Global Empowerment Mission, awarded the Medal for the 75th anniversary of the Jan Karski Mission in Lublin, says that the Ukraine disaster was the best-managed emergency he had ever seen.  

Capponi also stated that helping Ukraine was all about humanity at the ceremony. He reminds every one of the mission of Jan Karski, who tried to build awareness in the United States of the terrible tragedies that occurred during the occupation of Poland.  

The Jan Karski Society honored Capponi for the humanitarian aid provided to the victims of disasters worldwide, including his presence in Ukraine and on the Polish-Ukrainian border from the second day of Russian aggression.  

Thanks to Fulfillment Hub USA, the logistics and order fulfillment company, which has aided the supply of over 100,000 hygiene kits to the needy. The company has brought its warehousing and logistics expertise to bear in Ukraine, helping over 1.7 million refugees to find relative peace and safety.  

Abel Horvath, CEO of Fulfillment Hub USA, in partnership with the Global Empowerment Mission, is extending full logistics assistance to help deliver donations to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.

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