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A Fashion-Forward Step in E-Commerce With CEO Abel Horvath and Fulfillment Hub USA

Fashionable, Sustainable, Haute & Nouveau — FSHN Magazine, based in San Francisco, was pleased to meet Abel Horvath, the CEO of Fulfillment Hub USA. Author Elisabeth Thieriot gained some useful insights as to how a logistics company was able to boost e-commerce growth in North America and globally.

The CEO, Abel Horvath is confident that the future of e-commerce will brighten and expand with his company leading the way. As a beacon of light in the industry, he helps the business world by building strong roots that will support the foundation of grand wealth for decades to come.

The magazine quotes:

“The efficient manner Horvath’s e-commerce business works as a resilient partner is done virtually with hundreds of clients across America. The company does it easily with the click of a button on their modern website.”

“No Matter how high-tech the company is, it does not mean that they lack a personal touch. The CEO passionately cares about his clients and their needs. The environment he has established has created a stress-free service for clients that aides them to focus on scalable growth.”

Why should you choose Fulfillment Hub USA?

With Fulfillment Hub USA’s dedicated customer service, queries are answered within 24 hours. Every delivery that goes out gets the ability to be tracked in real-time until it reaches the destination.

Keeping safety in mind, Fulfillment Hub USA goes to a great extent to ensure merchandise is safe in the warehouse or while out on delivery. If you are a seller looking for a 3PL service provider, you need to consider Fulfillment Hub USA.

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