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Abel Horvath Hits High Ranks In E-Commerce With Fulfillment Hub USA

Launched in 2020, Impact Wealth Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine that caters to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and the family office industry. The magazine covers aspirational travel destinations, billionaires and other business titans, family office news and conferences, trophy real estate, philanthropy and galas, fashion and wellness, and luxury transportation.

In addition to 10,000 hard copies of the magazine, Impact Wealth Magazine distributes a digital version and monthly newsletter to its database of 200,000, one of the largest Family Office Networks in the world.

Impact Wealth Magazine also shares timely thought leadership on portfolio management, impact investing, philanthropy, multi-generational wealth management, compliance and regulation, risk management, insurance, living trusts, and sustainability.

The magazine recently had an opportunity to speak with Abel Horvath, the CEO of Fulfillment Hub USA — a thriving 3PL service provider based in Miami. The interview was full of valuable take-homes for aspiring businessmen and young entrepreneurs.

The magazine quotes:

“The unique features Horvath brings to the table with his platform are multi-channel sales, multi-platform integration, discounted shipping rates, reliable returns policy, a global warehouse network, customized services, real-time tracking solutions, scalable operations, automated process, and capable WMS.”

That’s because Fulfillment Hub USA’s business focus is on helping other businesses grow, leveraging on the latest tech. There are also custom solutions available for sellers on the platform and those looking for more, Fulfillment Hub USA’s subsidiary, AppManufact, has a solution.

To read the full interview, follow this link: