You are currently viewing Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine And Ukrainian Refugees – Live From Tatabanya

Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine And Ukrainian Refugees - Live From Tatabanya

GEM and bstrong are disaster non-profits serving disasters for over 11 years worldwide. As a part of the Humanitarian aid to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees, Michael Capponi, president and founder of GEM, Global Empowerment Mission, speaks live at Tatabanya about partnering with Fulfillment Hub USA, Abel Horvath’s logistics company, to streamline the efforts of aid delivery into Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova.  

He says they planned to approach things differently, more organized with structure. So, for example, they have set up Hubs throughout the United States, and all the people donating to Ukraine drop off their supplies in Jersey or Miami.  

When questioned about the supplies, he said they already have 50 containers at sea ready to ship and an enormous inflow yet to come. A few hundred 18-wheeler trucks with hundreds and thousands of blankets, food, water, and hygiene kits. He also says an initial $ 4 million fund is put into relocation for plane tickets, trains, or buses.  

He talked about the students rescued from the war-torn country and how the organization would help them fulfil their dreams.

The partners of GEM spoke  

In the press conference, Abel Horvath spoke about how Fulfillment Hub USA is extending its fullest logistics assistance to help deliver the supplies to the needy.

Abel also talks about the Fulfillment Hub USA’s warehouses in Warsaw and Rzeszow, Poland, and the two new warehouses opened side by side in Tatabanya.

In the press meeting was Gwen Madiba, the co-founder of the Global Black Coalition and president and founder of Equal Chance, an organization that supports vulnerable members of the black community. She spoke about the horrible incidents of the war that she witnessed and how they are helping the needy by partnering with the GEM.  

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