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CEO Of Fulfillment Hub USA Abel Horvath Brings Taste To Miami’s E-Commerce Industry

Forbes, the popular bi-weekly American business magazine, recently caught up with Abel Horvath, the CEO of Fulfillment Hub USA. In the interview, Abel reveals how e-commerce has seen a boom in recent times, especially during the pandemic.

In an interview with Chelsea Davis, Abel Horvath Davis, explains how Miami — known for its warm climate, beaches, and rich culture — is a great place for e-commerce business. Abel quotes: “It is actually a very good location.”

Fulfillment Hub USA — Warehousing, storage, Kitting and repackaging, and more.

“The business involves much more than delivering packages. They produce a global workflow that has them teaming up with both large corporations and smaller startups. In the e-commerce world, what happens between the order confirmation and delivery is complex.”

Fulfillment Hub USA caters to the e-commerce industry in various ways. With warehouses spread across the United States, close to seaports, and the main warehouse close to the Miami International airport, delivery becomes efficient.

Apart from warehousing services, Fulfillment Hub USA offers storage, kitting and repacking services, FBM, a temperature-controlled environment for goods, and same-day delivery services, which makes a business powerful when teaming up with Fulfillment Hub USA.

When opting for Fulfillment Hub USA as your preferred 3Pl partner, a business can concentrate on marketing and sales to scale up, while Fulfillment Hub USA takes care of the rest.

As Abel tells Forbes,

“We can take care of really anything in terms of logistics.”

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